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Your new international Headquarter 

The 2020 DUBAI EXPO represents an exclusive opportunity to develop world business and affairs, having as platform the financial and economic heart of Emirates.

Waiting for the world exhibition, a modern business park - DUBAI SOUTH - was created in the free zone of the expo and the international airport. Here, from 2018 to 2022, european companies interested in developing their business in the Emirates, in the Gulf countries, in the Middle East and Africa can now install their headquarters, exhibit their products and work on their international marketing.

UCEE, the Union Chamber of European Experts, which has always been committed in the search for new opportunities and strategies for the development of european companies, launched the idea for an exclusive european affairs area into DUBAI SOUTH.

DIGNITY SERVICE, a service organization based in Brussels since 1993, it's in charge of support the companies wishing to participate in the European affairs space. Presenting to DUBAI SOUTH the companies, and supporting their activity in any logistic, travel, transport, legal, commercial, marketing or communication topics.

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