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Dignity Service is a service company created 30 years ago on the model of the migrants' associations  that historically aided people that, outside the borders of their own country, try to reach  dignity and well-being, redeeming their social conditions of departure. 

The company's 'core' activity is the activation of a solid network of international, institutional  financial and commercial relations. 

Around these relations dignity service builds, time by time, organic development projects, based on  two guiding concepts: sustainability and social enterprise. 

A project is truly sustainable if it provides absolute respect for the environment, linked to the  production of energy from renewable sources, water purification and waste recycling. And if it fits  smoothly into the ethnic, historical and social context in which it is imagined operating. The  concept of social enterprise then develops around the pivotal idea of 'sharing' the benefits  produced, not only with employees and management, but also with the territory. 

dignity service draws up its 'bottom-up' intervention plans, placing local potential and capacities at the centre of its analysis. And by identifying the 'natural' levers on which to act to  trigger 'compatible' development processes capable of generating positive effects on the social  and economic context. 

dignity service’ working group is made up of professionals who share an innovative vision of 'integrated' development, which includes the enhancement of the territory's human and  natural resources. 

dignity service has extended its capacity as a 'network of networks' by structuring a series of strategic partnerships with operators in the world of finance who are willing to invest  their capital in 'credible' projects in areas of the world that are lagging in development. 

Dignity Service identifies 'bankable' projects and 'credible' entrepreneurs. And follow the preparation of dossiers that have a chance of obtaining financing. This reassures lenders about  the prospect of recovering their investments. Or the donors, respect the realization of the goals. 

dignity service works in the heart of Europe, where the company is based. But it has active 'terminals' in the Arab Emirates, the Caribbean, Latin America, Canada, and Africa, through  a solid network of collaborators and 'subsidiaries'. 

“dignity service” manage institutional or commercial relations in: Guatemala, Haiti, El Salvador, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Zanzibar, Benin, Democratic  Republic of Congo, Angola, Togo, Niger, Tanzania, the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, Dominican  Republic, Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Seychelles... 

Dossiers currently open: 

- Realisation of an International University for Sustainability - Colombia - Inter-oceanic link, Hub Cargo, High Speed Train - Guatemala 

- Development programme - Haiti 

- Central/South America commercial port network 

- Integrated agricultural development project - DRC 

- Women' rights commission - Guatemala 

Bruxelles, the 25th of January 2023


Dignity Service is a company founded in Brussels on 1993, to embody the idea to create a network of networks. Our work aims at the elaboration of strategies for development, the creation of new relationships and the connection of the interests involved. We try to create services & solutions to support the entrepreneurial activities. We strongly support two concepts: the "social enterprise" and the "sustainable development". We believe that it is possible to generate profit and wealth, respecting history and traditions, environment and culture of each citizen.
In any corner of the world.


Explore any possible form or methodology of funding and financing projects for the creation of real durable development. Overcome any neo-colonialist vision with new development strategies and activities. Offer real opportunities to the local populations without upsetting their history, culture, traditions, environment.


The development activity guidelines should follow the bottom-up methodology. We believe that each people and each territory has human, natural and cultural resources that can be used as a basis for social and economic growth. Our working method is based on identifying these resources, strengthening and using them as a lever for development.


Dignity Service adopts a strict working method for verifying the "sustainability" and allow the implementation of each project.
1 - analysis of the profile of the proposing company
2 - verification of the profitability of the activities
3 – managing the necessary institutional relations
4 - search for guarantees useful for financing operations
5 - study of the opportunities offered by the financial market
6 - accompanying the company from the request for funds to
the complete implementation of the project.


- Dignity Service, through its partnerships with some investment funds, is in a position to give a financial sustain to several economic projects.
- Can provide financial instruments to be used as collateral guarantee, to support the implementation of sustainable development projects.
- Dignity Service works also in collaboration of certain governments to put "sovereign" guarantees on the table.
- In collaboration with some “stakeholders”, can help government authorities or private enterprises to "immobilize", in the form of a guarantee, their "material" assets based on stocks of raw materials or mining concessions.
- Can help to find financial opportunities in the market, through instruments as SKR, SBLC or other similar.
- From Haiti to RDC and Guatemala, Uruguay and other Centro American countries, from Guinea Bissau and Senegal to Cote d’Ivoire, from Niger and Burkina Faso to Albania and Marocco, from Tanzania to Brasil, "dignity service" can put its institutional and personal relationships at the basis of a system of financial relationships guaranteed by a bank interested in these international development activities.


The dignity service workflow includes a contractual procedure which was designed to ensure the transparency and traceability of each activity: 

1 - Each company submitting a project is admitted to an approach meeting, where all preliminary information is exchanged. If the necessary pre-conditions are met, the company is asked to formalize a LOI (letter of interest) in the  professional and consultancy activities of "dignity service". 

2 - The second step is the signing of a confidentiality agreement, which allows  the parties to exchange, in absolute confidence, all the information necessary  to identify a "path" for finding the necessary funding. 

3 - Having clearly defined the scope of the activities to be put in place, the  proposing company submit a “letter of engagement”: a formal request for the  professional activities of "dignity services". The request must also include a  proposal to participate in the "due diligence" costs. 

4. If the parties reach an agreement, a complete contract for the provision of professional services will be signed, specifying the commitments and obligations of the parties.

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Unione Camere Esperti Europei

UCEE (Union Chamber of European Experts)

Incorporated in Turin, on 8th March 1999, with registered office in Brussels (Belgium) The U.C.E.E. is an autonomous organization with co-operative nature, not involved in any political party, consisting of experts, workers and entrepreneurs, acting in the European and Extra European Community Countries, referring to the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights and to the Fundamental Liberties of the European Council.

The U.C.E.E. operates in observance of the Community Law and Treaties, the International Conventions, the Domestic Laws of the European Community Countries and of all the countries in which it established its offices.

The aim is to fully realize the free circulation of people and things, the free establishment, the free supply of services and the removal of technical and physical restrictions.

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